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Vision Statement

" WonderfullyWhole"  partners with you at your place wherever you are to bring fitness and nutrition solutions that empower you to be wonderfully whole in spirit, soul and body.  

Mission Statement:

We are a network of professionals who inspire and facilitate a holistic lifestyle through services and products in fitness and nutrition to benefit all in our "circle of love"  bringing honor to God.   

Judy Global Wholeness, LLC

Judy Global Wholeness, LLC is the parent company of KidsFit, The Wonderful Edge and this  website Wonderfully Whole

My vision for fitness and health started when I was a teenager.  My enthusiasm for healthy living, propelled me to take a Home Economics class in High school where I learned to plan and cook nutritious meals.  This carried over into my adult life.  I was very conscious of what I put in my mouth and was very concerned when I saw others eating badly to their detriment.  Both my grandmother and mother were champions for healthy living.  My grandmother ate everything fresh from what she planted.  Both were known for their homemade medicine in the form of herbs.

I recall a funny but sad story when I worked for a bank in NYC.  I decided to go the cafeteria for breakfast.  As I stood in line, I noticed the server preparing a croissant.   She loaded it with butter before she placed it on the grill and then loaded it again with more butter when she took it off the grill.  I was so appalled, to my embarrassment I screamed, "that is too much".  I didn't know it was being prepared for the woman in front of me.  I could not believe that someone who be so ignorant of the dietary laws of health to eat something so full of fat that would ruin her health.  I felt very sorry for her because I didn't think she knew the consequences of her action.

My passion is to educate people about the importance of proper nutrition.  " Eating to live, not living to eat".  A lot of our health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers  are directly  associated with the quality of what we eat, as well as the quantity.  In America, there is such abundance, but a lot of people are malnourished because of poor food choices.   Wonderfully Whole™ is on a perpetual campaign to help individuals make the right choices through our articles, videos, workshops, and conferences.  Our website also makes people aware of good supplements in the market.

Fitness is a big part of Wonderfully Whole™.  We believe that no one is too young or too old to start an exercise program.  So our Kid-Fit program starts from 2 years old, reaching children in their foundation years helping them to form healthy habits in their pre-school years which would go with them throughout Primary, Middle,  and High school years.  Our KidsFit program targets children from ages 6-14 to build upon the foundation of good health habits.

The Wonderful Edge program reaches out to adults with the Biblical perspective on Wellness, nutrition and exercise.   The Wonderful Edge is the Word of God.  I learned through a personal health challenge the importance of applying the Word of God together with the basics.  

We were built to move.  Exercise is so important  and it is never too late.  I started ballet in my forties and trained to be a Certified Personal Trainer in my fifties.  So I encourage individuals to find some exercise that they enjoy and just do it.

Wonderfully Whole™ was birthed through passion and compassion to see people well so they can fulfill their God-given purpose.






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