The Main Ingredient for Wellness by Judy Handwerker

The success of any recipe lies in its ingredients and the sequence in following it. In the quest for wellness and wholeness, there is a perfect recipe. The Lord Jesus Christ clearly states in Matthew 4:4, "Man shall not live and be upheld and sustained by bread alone but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God" (AMPC).

This Heavenly Ingredient (the Word of God) trumps the earthly ingredients of diet, exercise, and reducing stress, though all these ingredients are very important to maintaining a healthy and fit body.

The Word of God is Living and Powerful; it affects not only our spirit and soul but also touches the deepest anatomy (the bones and marrow) of our body (Hebrews 4:12).

Explore The Main Ingredient for Wellness and discover how you can employ the Word of God together with proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress reduction to be well and stay well..





This is how I fight my battles by Judy Handwerker


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Together with His other great attributes, we envision God, our heavenly Father, as all-powerful, righteous, loving and wise. However, there is a part of Him that few people truly get to know and experience. He is a joyous and pleasurable God.

"You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, 

at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore." Psalms 16:11 (ESV)

God created us for His pleasure and delights in us. True pleasure comes only from Him and He beckons His children to enjoy His presence so we can be filled with the ecstasy of His glorious character. He laughs, sings, dances and expresses Himself wonderfully in His creation.  


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