Advisory Board

Mike D. Carter

Mike D. Carter, Owner and General Supervisor of Studio for Extraordinary Training.

Michael attended Naugatuck Valley Community & Technical College for two years before transferring to Western Ct. State University where he received his degree in Social Work. Michael has worked with many different groups of people such as the elderly, adults with disabilities as well as adults in rehab. He has worked with several children populations.

He became involved in the Fitness industry and has been certified through the American Council on Exercise for more than 15 years. Through conferences, workshops and training he has stayed current in trends and the current education regarding fitness, group training and working with special populations. He is currently the owner of Studio for Extraordinary Training, a personal services gym in the Danbury area. He can be contacted at (203) 798-0611.


Pastor Kathie Lounsbury 

Pastor Kathie is the wife of is Dr. Tom Lounsbury and has been married to him for a wonderful 44 years. From their union, two sons were born; Tom and Mark. Both sons are married, each with four children, and work full-time in various ministries. Her grandchildren are her delight!

Prophet Lounsbury, along with her husband Apostle Tom Lounsbury, are responsible for pioneering Lighthouse Ministries. Her responsibilities are extensive and are marked by the office and government of the apostolic and prophetic. When flowing in the prophetic, people are set free from their dysfunctional issues. Her anointing to unlock prison doors in people's emotional and spiritual arenas, helps define her ability to encourage people to reach for their maximum potential. Her desire is to always help others find their God-given potential, train them, send them, and pray for the will of God to be done in their life. Working with other leaders to help bring about unity and strength to the people of God is paramount to her ministry.

The ministry Prophet Lounsbury provides will set people free, enabling them to reach for another level of expectation. The tools necessary to produce life will be set in your hands and enable you to go forward. The hindrances of emotional, physical and spiritual bondage will break while the Christ of eternity will set people free who are sitting in darkness.


Dr. Thomas H. Lounsbury 

Immovable faith and an intimate overcoming prayer life, and a belief that all things are possible are just some of the internal components that make Dr. Lounsbury the man of God he is. Apostle Dr. Lounsbury and his wife, Prophet Kathie Lounsbury are responsible for pioneering Lighthouse Ministries International. In addition to a fully functioning apostolic work in the Danbury area, he also is involved in helping birth local area churches and works with several ministries abroad. Dr. Lounsbury has a passion to see men and women of God reach their full potential, while fulfilling their personal ordained purpose in life.

After serving in the Vietnam War and being released, with an honorable discharge, from the United States Navy in the Spring of 1969, Dr. Lounsbury married his high school sweetheart. Dr. Lounsbury attributes much of his success to his beautiful wife, Prophet Kathie Lounsbury. From their union they have produced two sons, Thom and Mark Lounsbury. Both sons are now married with children of their own and serve with him in the ministry. To date, they have been blessed with eight grandchildren. Along with responsibilities of his local church, Dr. Lounsbury, travels extensively throughout the greater New England area offering strength and support in his preaching. He also has established an effective prison ministry. His burden for children has successfully been transferred to those in his church, translating itself with an effective outreach department.

Apostle Dr. Lounsbury received his Doctorate of Theology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. Thus he strongly supports continuous education and this is a strong proponent in his ministry. He was installed in the office of an Apostle by Apostle John E. Wilson of St. John's Full Gospel Deliverance Church in Bloomfield, CT. Apostle has ministered in Africa, India, Mexico, and Trinidad. While he not only is used to equip leaders and saints for the work of the ministry, he is also responsible for building church structures, schools and orphanages. He has a true call and burden to reach nations for Jesus Christ and every visit demonstrates signs and wonders. His life continues to experience the touch of God and his only desire is to finish his course, while he runs his race for the Lord, knowing that the "I Am" is with him.


Dr. Ralph Manfredi 

Dr Manfredi has earned a Master's Degree in Nutritional Science. Nutrition is the fuel your body needs to operate smoothly and at its optimum level. Incorporating a balanced diet with the proper nutritional plan will allow your body to create energy, perform better, and recover faster. Whether you are an athlete, construction worker, secretary, stay at home parent, or anything else in between, proper nutrition is essential to a balanced and healthy life.We incorporate nutritional recommendations into our chiropractic care, because we realize the importance of nutrition on how effective your chiropractic treatments will be. If your body is being fueled by the proper nutrients, you will receive maximum benefits and results from your chiropractic visits. Call today and learn more on how we incorporate into our chiropractic care. 

At The New Fairfield Chiropractic Center, nutrition's role in achieving and maintaining optimum health is taken very seriously. Since the early years of high school, while in a biology class, it became apparent to the young Ralph Manfredi that "you are what you eat." Majoring in biology in college and earning a masters degree from the University of Bridgeport in Nutrition Science (year 2000), have all been foundational to Dr. Manfredi's knowledge of nutrition's role in wellness. Most recently, Dr. Manfredi has earned a post-doctorate degree from the Council of Diagnosis of Internal Disorders. This ACA recognized body of professionals specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of internal disorders through the use of nutritional methods (vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, and complex nutritional formulations [including herbs, etc]).

If you visit The New Fairfield Chiropractic Center regarding any health concern, Dr. Manfredi's approach to your diagnosis and treatment will always include the nutritional aspects of your healing and recovering of optimum health.


Michael Soldan MS

Michael has a Bachelors degree in Special and Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University. He earned his Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health with High Honors. Michael is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is a Quantum Biofeedback practitioner.

Michael works at the Beth Martin Family Health Center in Danbury, Connecticut. His focus is on detoxifying, weight management and stress reduction. He designs individualized programs with the goal of building the immune system, achieving optimum health and slowing down the aging process. Michael is also an ordained minister and Director of House of Grace Ministries, a non-profit organization devoted to helping people in need. 


Lisa Swain

Lisa Swain has been an adjunct professor at NVCC for 15 years, where she teaches in the Early Childhood Education Dept., as well as the Psychology Dept. She has taught Health, Safety an Nutrition for Young Children those 15 years and serves on the Coalition for Healthy Kids. She has also been "Mrs. Science at a preschool in New Canaan for the past 20 years.

Lisa has a Bachelor's in Biopsychology(Bucknell Univ), an MBA(Boston College) and a Masters and 6th year degree in Education (elem. and sec.) UB
She lives in Newtown, CT, with her husband, John, and three sons.


Dr. Grace Felicity White

Dr. Grace Felicity White is a physician and minister of the Gospel who currently works and ministers out of Guyana , South America. Dr. White has been involved in ministry from her youth. She has served the Body of Christ in many capacities including as Youth Leader, Church Cell Leader and Leadership Trainer. She has helped to spearhead numerous conferences and community outreach events. In addition, Dr. White has been actively involved in radio and television ministry. Her ministry has extended to the Caribbean and the United States of America. She now serves as a Minister and Prophetess in the Full Gospel Fellowship of Guyana under the leadership of Apostle Elsworth Williams. Her guiding philosophy is that the Word of The Lord transforms us and causes us to overcome every obstacle and to become all that God intends for us to be.

Having graduated from medical school in 2001, Dr. White completed one year of medical internship in Georgetown, Guyana. She later served as a medical doctor at the nation's largest out-patient facility and subsequently she headed one of the community health centers. Dr. White enjoys community work and takes special interest in the sociological aspects of medicine. Outside of clinical practice, Dr. White has engaged in health education both in Guyana and the USA. After living in the United States of America for some years, Dr. White recently returned to Guyana to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease.

Dr. Grace White is married to Prophet Kenneth White. They have one daughter, Monita. They currently reside in Georgetown, Guyana.



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