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Judy Handwerker is a devoted Christian who loves the Word of God ardently.  In her walk with the Lord, she has served in the local church in many roles as a teacher, deaconess and Praise dance minister and Instructor.  She has taught praise and worship dance to children, teenagers and adults. She continues to minister in "Prophetic Worship" dance throughout the Tri-State area.

She is also a Certified Personal trainer and PraiseMoves Instructor who is the Owner of Judy Global Wholeness, LLC.  Its subsidiaries are WonderfullyWhole, KidsFit, and The Wonderful Edge. Judy is also the Licensee of the National Physical Education curriculum KID-FIT for Preschoolers.  Her lifelong mission is to help individuals from 2 to 102 become fit and healthy through her businesses. These programs have benefited individuals in Connecticut and the New York City area via Schools, community centers, Parks Depts and Churches.

She has just finished her first book " Joy on the Go, the Elixir of Champions" a devotional on Joy and in the process of writing her second book

"The Wonderful Edge -The Word of God".

Judy resides in Connecticut with her husband Ken. She has presented her workshops at Glory Light Tabernacle, Queens, NY, World Outreach Center, Brooklyn, NY, Peterson Temple, Brooklyn, NY, Yonkers YMCA and Love Church, Butterworth, South Africa.


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